The Family Literacy Involvement Program, FLIP, encourages caregivers to extend the reading experiences that they share with their children. The program approximately 300 activity kits based on diverse children's books. Families can make marble painted webs after reading Doreen Cronin's Diary of a Spider or can look for shapes in the clouds overhead after reading Tommie dePaola's The Cloud Book. Each kit comes fully stocked with a children's book, suggestions for how to engage in the reading experience, as well as the instructions and necessary materials for the activity. Developed for children from birth through age eight, the kits are designed to be circulated through public libraries. Families would be invited to check out and return these kits just as they would a book. All kits will be available in English and Spanish, with a limited number of kits translated into Vietnamese and Chinese.

FLIP works in different ways in different cities based on the organization that is implementing the program. In Houston, the Children's Museum of Houston has partnered with Houston Public Library to circulate over 3,000 kits through 35 of the library's branches. The Museum builds and replenishes kits. The Library transports kits to and from the Museum and other libraries for check out and replenishment using their courier system. The Museum houses all supplies and provides staff to replenish kits. For details on how kits are circulated in Houston and other partner cities, please see the partner list here.

Each FLIP Kit includes a children's book, an activity guide and all of the materials needed to do the activity. While the Children's Museum of Houston uses a FLIP-branded yellow and black mesh bag and a plastic project case, other institutions may use different bags or cases to package the kits. Logo use is detailed in the Style Guide section of the FLIP Toolkit that will be made available to you when you purchase the designs for one or more FLIP Kits.

Download a sample FLIP Kit.

It's easy.  You can begin by purchasing your kit collection using this website.  After your purchase is complete, you will receive additional information about how to implement the program in your community.

No. Only the FLIP Kit designs are sold through this website for download. Upon purchasing the designs, you receive all of the information necessary to build your own kits.

As the first teachers of their children, most parents seek a variety of quality and fun learning activities that they can do with their children on small budgets with little planning time. FLIP meets this need by providing parents all of the tools needed in one kit. During preliminary evaluation sessions, many parents saw using an activity to extend the experience with a book as a very novel idea. These early indications were confirmed through a research study conducted by the University of Texas Children's Learning Institute in 2010. Two key finding are:

1. 94% of parents who used FLIP Kits reported that they had discovered new interests or skills that their child had during their participation in the study. Only 74% of parents in the "books only" group discovered new interests or skills.

2. 78% of parents who used FLIP Kits reported anticipating changes in their home reading practices as compared to only 48% of parents in the "books only" group.

Yes. While FLIP Kits are intended for home use, they are also an excellent resource for teachers. Teachers should be careful to follow circulation rules for their city.

You will receive all of the printed materials for each kit that you have purchased. This includes the activity sheets, hang tags, any supplemental pages like game boards or sets of cards, supply list for public use and the supply use for internal use. You will receive a separate packet with the designs for the FLIP Kiosk, the Style Guide, the Developmental Milestones for Childhood Literacy and FLIP Logos for branding. These items will be available for immediate download once your payment is processed.

After you've downloaded your printed materials, print them and cut out materials that need to be cut. Laminate items for durability. Refer to the supply sheet for internal use for and gather the necessary supplies. Determine how you will package kits. Brand packaging according to guidelines in the Style Guide and begin to circulate kits. Check the FLIP Toolkit for additional details.

The average replenishment cost per kit is planned to be $2.50 per checkout for consumable materials. Depending of the nature of the activity in the Kit, replenishment costs may be higher or lower. Kits that include games or writing activities generally have a much lower replenishment cost.

No. You may purchase the printed materials for one to 442 kits. The cost per kit is based on the number of kits that you purchase at one time.

Yes, there will be a few ways to do this which will be described in the tool kit provided in the training and through the website. The laminated activity guide is one component of the kit that cannot be modified.

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